Newborn Welcome Guide

Hey, welcome and well done for being organised enough to book in your newborn session with me in advance! I am so excited to meet your new addition and I hope the following information makes you feel prepared for our session.

My newborn sessions take place Monday-Friday and usually begin at 10am or near to this time, we will organise and exact time one bub has arrived. One very important thing to note is to let me know as soon as you can when baby has arrived so we can schedule a day and time for the shoot. Some people like to add me to their text list when notifying friends and family, if so my number is 0407 216 191.

Newborn sessions always take place in my Mornington studio. My address for the day is 200 Main Street, Mornington. When you get to this address you will come to a florist, The Bloom Room. Notice there is an alley beside the florist, walk down there and there will be a wire gate to your left (behind the florist) go through the wire gate and into the black bricked building.

Newborn sessions run for up to three hours, this includes time for feeding, settling and taking of photos. I do understand that this will be one of your first outings with bub and this can be a daunting experience, coupled with the anxiety of whether baby will sleep for their session. The next bits of information I have put together to help aleviate the pressure you may be feeling.


 If you're running late, it's fine, just text me to let me know. I suggest you park around the back of the studio (Blamey Place) as the parking out the front is only one hour.

The room will be very warm and cosy. For this reason I recommend you wear layers so you can stay comfortable if you're feeling too hot. Feel free to bring some reading material or anything you might like to pass the time.

I will likely ask you to feed/'top up' baby when you arrive. Best case scenario would be to bath baby at home, give baby a full feed and then drive to my studio, hopefully this means you will arrive with a very sleepy bub.

If baby has older siblings which will be involved I understand that three hours is a long time for them to be in the studio. I always suggest that Dad might like to walk down to the park with them if the weather allows. 


 I would suggest bringing a water bottle for yourselves, there are also many cafes on Main Street if you do get peckish or feel like a coffee during the shoot.
I supply all blankets and props during the shoot, bring baby in simple clothing, preferably with no singlet and a loose nappy so we can disturb them minimally before we start shooting.


My most commonly asked question! 

White or light colours work well, please avoid obvious logos on tops or bright clashing colours. Do not feel the need to arrive all dressed in denim jeans and white tops, this is not the 90s. If you're feeling unsure, bring a few things and we can discuss. Wear what you like! :) Here is a pinterest board I made to give you some ideas.

Bring some spare clothes for after the shoot, just incase you happy to get wee'd or pooped on.

Thank you for reading all this info!